Keep your Brain in Shape

Can anti aging treatments help your brain work better?

Getting older means losing sharpness and mental acuity. As we age the connections between the neurons in our brains weaken, damaging how the brain functions and causing cognitive decline. To ensure cognitive health we can actually defend our brain against the mental effects of aging. One of these ways is to make healthy lifestyle choices such as eating healthy and getting enough exercise.

For years, brain researchers have been looking for a safe and natural  increase the brain’s performance for a healthy, focused, mind. In addition to improving your memory and recall abilities, you will learn how to promote better cognitive function and your brain’s health overall.

EHT® encourages better cognitive health by optimizing the activity of the master protein regulator, PP2A. By optimizing PP2A EHT® can ensure better synaptic connections between neurons leading to increased brain performance for a better and more focused mind, improved memory and recall, increased focus and alertness, enhanced natural energy stores, and a boosted immune system.

Signum Biosciences has partnered with Nerium International for an exclusive worldwide right to the EHT® patent, making it completely unique to Nerium.

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