Is Dadbod Dangerous?


Are your weight loss goals at risk from dad bod?

Move over Chris Hemsworth and Hugh Jackman a new male standard of attractiveness is taking the world by storm. If you’ve been on the internet in the last month, you’re probably aware that “Dadbod” is the latest craze.  That’s right women seem to want their men with a little jiggle around the middle.

While “Average Joe’s” across America are thrilled, doctors and health specialist are not as keen on this new trend. In general, that belly fat they keep around their middles is known to be unhealthy and linked to increased risk of heart disease and diabetes. Additionally, it will not help with your weight loss goals.

Experts are warning people to not cancel their gym membership and pig out on pizza. While it is important to have a positive body image, this new ‘ideal’ can pose a threat to your health if you neglect fitness and healthy eating in favor of this latest fad.